The Louise candlestick in aluminium is a prime example of Grethe Meyer’s desire to follow the design from idea to final product. The stackable candlestick was created for Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in 1993 and sold in their design boutique until 2007. 

Like all of Grethe Meyer’s designs the candlestick serves multiple purposes. Place either a long taper candle or a tea candle in the centre of the candle- stick. And place several candlesticks on top of each other for height diversity.

Grethe Meyer was the sole entrepreneur on the project explicitly made by Danish craftsmen. She collaborated with a steel factory that turned the sticks in one-piece aluminium according to her drawings.

She also made arrangements with a cardboard factory that made the packaging in small square cardboard boxes, before the round label in Pantone 426 was added on top with design name and logo. Elegant, original and straightforward.