Architect and designer Grethe Meyer (1918-2008) stands out as a singular female force in the shaping of the world renowned concept of Danish design. Talented and tireless, a free and uncompromising spirit and a visionary with a decidedly hands-on approach, Grethe Meyer and her designs were highly acknowledged during her lifetime. Her achievements were therefore honored with the most prestigious awards and her designs naturally included and represented in the collections of leading design museums around the world. Spanning more than 50 years, Grethe Meyer’s career lead to inventions that combine quality, personality and respect for the consumer; entrusting us with aesthetically simple, functional and timeless designs that have become everyday classics in the modern home.

“Designing for people is what truly counts. I feel it is my obligation. It is also the most profound of human relationships: being able to pass on my love to others through the objects, I have designed.”


Far more than a matter of looks, simplicity is a state of mind, a direct link of communication that stems from Grethe Meyer’s constant search for clarity, purity and perfection. And the simplicity we find in the way her designs balance material, function and form.


Grethe Meyer’s designs are practical and serve multiple
purposes. They are all the results of years of steadfast
striving, careful considerations and thorough testing – all
carried out in order to achieve best practice for everyday
use in kitchens and at the table.


Quality lasts – it permeates every aspect of our brand thinking, the production, consideration towards human and environmental resources and of course not least Grethe Meyer’s very designs; the way they stand the test of time, age with grace and can be handed down from one generation to the next.