The result of a request from Royal Copenhagen for stoneware that could go directly from freezer into the oven and then onto the dining table, Ildpot was launched in 1976. This was a time when an increasing number of danish women had entered the labour market, calling for easier and more manageable ways of preparing and serving dinners.

Grethe Meyer worked with the material cordierite, a magnesium-rich mineral that had a very low thermal expansion and therefore was well-suited for extreme changes in temperature. The material could not be glazed and – to Grethe Meyer’s delight – with repeated use would obtain a golden, almost blackish patina.

Grethe Meyer had carefully studied how all Ildpot parts could be optimized in regards to usage, testing them in her own kitchen to ensure their functionality and “safe passage” from freezer to oven or stovetop and onto the table.

Grethe Meyer was honoured with the prestigious ID Prize for this pioneering series in 1976. Ildpot remained in production for about a decade, but was then ousted by aluminium foil trays. It is now a much sought-after classic in the antique market. In 2020 FDB Møbler revitalized the iconic stoneware series by bringing Ildpot back in production.